Total Shipping Protection by XCover

Total Shipping Protection by XCover is a shipment insurance option available to all Australia- and UK-based ShipStation accounts. To enable Total Shipping Protection, all you need to do is activate ShipStation Carriers. Once you have done so you can start adding coverage to your shipments immediately!

To add Total Shipping Protection to a shipment, choose Total Shipping Protection from the Insurance drop-down menu when you configure your shipment. Your ShipStation Carriers payment method will be used for Total Shipping Protection costs.


Review Total Shipping Protection's ShipStation partner page for more details on coverage, claims, and refunds.

Available in the New Layout Only

Total Shipping Protection by XCover is not available in the ShipStation Legacy Layout.

Total Shipping Protection Coverage Details

Total Shipping Protection covers shipments that have been lost, stolen, or damaged in transit. Total Shipping Protection will also reimburse you for return shipping costs (when your customer ships back damaged goods) and for the cost to reship new goods to your customer.

Coverage begins when the shipment leaves the originating address (that is, when it is received by your carrier) and ends when the recipient receives the shipment.

The cost of coverage is calculated based on the amount entered in the Insure Amt. field when you configure your shipment.

  • For domestic shipments, the cost of coverage is 1.1% of the Insure Amt.

  • For international shipments, the cost of coverage is 1.5% of the Insure Amt.

Label Fee Applies for Reshipped Packages

The total cost of coverage will be calculated to include a label fee plus the percentage of declared value for both domestic and international shipments. This is to cover the cost of reshipping.

Click Cost Review in the Configure Shipment section of the Order Details window to view the cost of Total Shipping Protection.


Add Funds to Total Shipping Protection

All funds for Total Shipping Protection are managed through your ShipStation Balance, which you can add funds to at any time. The funds are charged to the payment method used for ShipStation Carriers.

To add funds to your ShipStation Balance:

  1. Click Add Funds for the ShipStation Balance.

    Arrow points to Add Funds link in the ShipStation Balance section.
  2. Select the amount to add (minimum $10) then click the Add Funds button.

Set Up Auto-Funding

You can also automatically add funds to your ShipStation Balance (which is used for both postage and insurance costs).

See our guide to adding funds to your ShipStation Balance for more details.

File a Claim with XCover

To file a claim for a shipment insured with Total Shipping Protection by XCover. The link to file a claim is available from the Shipments grid or Shipment details. Once you click the link, follow the onscreen instructions.

Insurance Column Shipments grid:

Locate the desired shipment in the Shipments grid.



If you do not see the Insurance column, click the Columns button and enable the Insurance column.

If the Insurance field is blank, that means no insurance was purchased for the order when the label was created.

Shipments Details:

Click on a Shipment Record number to open the Shipment Details. The File a Claim link is next to the Insurance field.

Shipping Details with the Total Shipping Protection File a Claim link highlighted.

Once you have filed a claim with XCover, you can review the details and status of your claim on the XCover Claims page.

Keep All Packaging and Damaged Goods

When filing a claim with XCover, keep all packaging and the damaged goods as they were received, as photographs may be required for the claim processing. Do not dispose of any shipment materials or goods before the claim is completed.

Notes about Total Shipping Protection by XCover

  • Certain types of goods, including perishables, precious metals and stones, cash, and documents, cannot be insured by Total Shipping Protection. See Total Shipping Protection's terms for a full list of goods that cannot be covered.

  • If you need to cancel a shipment that you have added insurance coverage to, Total Shipping Protection will refund 100% of the cost of coverage if the shipment has not yet left the originating address (i.e., received by your carrier).