Carrier Integrations

ShipStation includes several built-in carriers, called ShipStation Carriers, so you can start creating labels with discounted rates immediately. With these carriers, you don't need to open and manage your own carrier accounts. You'll simply enter your desired payment method and all of your labels will be paid for with your ShipStation Balance.

You can also connect your own carrier accounts. We call these carriers Your Carriers since they are carrier accounts that belong to and are managed by you. ShipStation integrates directly with a variety of Your Carriers, including some of the biggest worldwide carriers (like DHL, FedEx, UPS) as well as many national and regional carriers. Any negotiated rates you have with Your Carrier accounts will apply to these labels when created in ShipStation and are invoiced by the carrier the same way they would be if you purchased labels from their online platforms.

Additional Fees May Apply

When shipping with your own carrier accounts or negotiated rates, you may incur additional fees depending on your plan level and account home country.

  • 🇺🇸 🇨🇦 For US and Canada-based accounts:

    • Starter through Enterprise accounts require the Your Carriers add-on before you can connect your own carrier accounts. The fee to use your own carrier accounts varies by subscription plan.

    • High Volume accounts do not require the Your Carriers add-on, but will incur a per-shipment fee that will be invoiced to your account monthly.

  • For accounts in all other regions, each shipment created using your own carrier accounts (rather than ShipStation's included carriers) will incur a per-shipment fee that will be invoiced to your account monthly. The specific fee will vary based on your account's subscription plan.

Review our Shipment Fees by Plan help article for details.