How can I apply actions to multiple orders?

ShipStation can apply various actions to multiple orders and shipments in bulk.

To apply actions to order in bulk, select the orders in the Orders grid you wish to modify. Then select which action you'd like to apply by clicking either the Action button or selecting an action from the Bulk Update drop-down menu.

Red arrow points at Bulk Update button and Ship By Date option is highlighted in the dropdown

Once you select the desired action, follow the instructions on the screen to complete it. ShipStation will then apply the update to all selected orders.

From the Bulk Update drop-down menu, you can:

  • Set Ship by Date

  • Add a Note

  • Apply Shipping Preset

  • Set the Service

  • Change Shipping Account

  • Set the Package type

  • Set the order weight

  • Set the package size

  • Set the Ship From

  • Add Insurance

  • Set the confirmation type

  • Set the Do Not Notify Marketplace option

  • Select the Email Template

  • Select the Packing Slip Template

  • Set Other Shipping Options

  • Add Tax Identifier

With the Action buttons, you can do the following to orders in bulk:

  • Hold

  • Tag

  • Assign To

  • Print Packing Slips, Pick Lists, or Order Summaries

  • Mark orders as Shipped (under Other Actions)

  • Cancel Orders (under Other Actions)

  • Validate Addresses (under Other Actions)