Can I customise my ShipStation account?

Yes. You can customise several elements in ShipStation so your account more closely meets your workflow needs.

The customizable elements include:

  • Grid columns: Add, remove, and change the order of the columns in your Orders, Shipments, Products, and Customers grids.

  • Shipping Sidebar sections: Drag and drop the shipping sidebar sections into any sequence you wish.

  • Hotkeys: Assign your shipping presets to any hotkeys you wish.

  • Change the UI language: Change the language of your ShipStation UI between English, French, and Spanish. More languages to come soon!

  • Time, date, and measurement Display Options: Change the format for time and date; switch between imperial or metric units.

  • Custom Views: Save filter sets with custom names to quickly switch between them.

Review the sections below for details on each customisation option.

Customise Your Grid Columns

You can add, remove, or change the sequence of the columns in the Orders, Shipments, Products, and Customers Grids so you always see the data most important to you.

To add or remove columns:

  1. Select the tab of the Grid you'd like to edit.

    Top navigation bar tabs for Orders, Shipments, Products, and Customers highlighted
  2. Click the Columns button.

    Columns button highlighted in the ShipStation UI.
  3. Check any item you wish to add to the grid and uncheck any item you wish to remove from the grid.

    Manage Columns popup from Orders grid. Checked boxes indicate column titles will display in Orders grid.
  4. (Optional) Select a column to pin to the grid so it doesn't move when you scroll.

    Manage Columns pop-up. Hover over a visible but non-pinned column & message reads, "Pin (will unpin Order Date)"

    You may pin a maximum of two columns.

  5. Click Save Columns.

Change the Grid sequence:

  1. Select the tab of the Grid you'd like to edit.

    Top navigation bar tabs for Orders, Shipments, Products, and Customers highlighted
  2. Click and hold the header of the column you wish to move.

  3. Drag the column left or right into the desired position.

  4. Release the column.

  5. Repeat for any other column you wish to move.


Customise Your Shipping Sidebar

The sections in your Shipping Sidebar can be rearranged into any sequence you prefer. Click the grabber for the section you want to move, then drag and drop it in the desired position.


Customise Your Hotkeys

Apply presets to selected orders with just a keystroke by assigning hotkeys to your shipping presets.


You are limited to the hotkey options available in the Hotkey drop-down.

Change Your Account Display Language

ShipStation allows you to change your preferred display language. Choose between English, Spanish, French, and French (Canada). Other languages to come!

The language setting is user-specific, so each user in your account can work in their preferred language.

Affects Only the ShipStation User Interface

The preferred language only affects the language in which the ShipStation UI is displayed. It does not affect labels, pick lists, or other documents your customers may see.

Customise How the Time, Date, and Units Display

The ShipStation Display Options Settings allow you to set the following:

  • Which ShipStation screen will appear upon login

  • A 12-hour or 24-hour time format

  • Your Date format

  • Time Zone

  • Units of measure (imperial or metric)


To learn more about the Display Options settings, review our Display Options article.

Save Custom Views

Custom Views are a saved collection of filters, columns, and column sequences. Use custom views to more quickly manage your orders in ShipStation.

Custom Views appear above your Orders or Shipments Grid and are available to all users in your account. There is no limit to the number of Custom Views you can save.

Orders tab. Box highlights example of Saved Views: Drop Ship Shop, Shopify, & Warehouse 1

Click the view to quickly see only orders that match the View's saved filters. For example, save a custom view that shows all international orders or all orders that contain an item you've tagged as requiring special packaging.

For more details on using filters and creating Saved Views, review our Filter Orders and Create Custom Views articles.