When am I charged for the labels I create?

Your charge will depend on which carrier or postage provider you use. You'll either be charged when you create the label in ShipStation , or you'll be sent an invoice you must pay each month.

You'll be charged on label creation when you create labels using ShipStation carriers. These label fees will be automatically deducted from your ShipStation balance. Learn how to add funds to your ShipStation balance. If you do not use the label, you must void the label to receive a refund for the label fee.

Most other carriers are considered post-billed carriers, meaning you are charged for the labels you use on a monthly invoice cycle. UPS and FedEx are examples of post-billed carriers. Post-billed carriers also only charge you for labels you actually use, so if you create a label in ShipStation but don't use it to ship a package for whatever reason, you should not see that label appear on your monthly invoice. ShipStation recommends you void any labels you don't use so that your shipment records accurately reflect your actual shipments.

Some providers may automatically deduct label fees from an account balance managed by the provider or charge the account credit card either when the label is created or at some other regular interval. ShipStation cannot provide details on how your provider bills your specific postage account.

If you are unsure if your provider charges at the time of label creation or bills you monthly on an invoice, contact your provider account manager for confirmation.