How do I file an insurance claim?

How you file an insurance claim depends on the type of insurance you added to the shipment.

Total Shipping Protection by XCover

If you added Total Shipping Protection to your shipment, you can file the claim directly through ShipStation. Click the Total Shipping Protection link for the shipment record in the Insurance column of the Shipments grid, then follow the onscreen instructions.

Shipped grid highlighting insurance column with Xcover coverage

You can review the details and status of your claim on the XCover Claims page.

Keep All Packaging and Damaged Goods

When filing a claim with XCover, keep all packaging and the damaged goods as they were received, as photographs may be required for the claim processing. Do not dispose of any shipment materials or goods before the claim is completed.

Carrier Insurance

If you added Carrier insurance to your shipment, you must file the claim directly through the carrier-specific insurance portals, linked here for your convenience: