How is the Age of an order calculated?

ShipStation's Age column comes in handy when sorting Awaiting Shipment orders for fulfillment. You can sort by ascending order to display the newest orders first or descending value to view the oldest orders first

Orders grid closeup. Red box highlights header and listings for the Age column.

It is important to understand that the way ShipStation calculates Order Age differs between the Legacy version and the new layout. Here's the breakdown for each version.

Calculate Order Age in ShipStation

In ShipStation's new layout, ShipStation calculates order age the same way for orders in both the Awaiting Shipment and Shipped status:

  • Order age for Awaiting Shipment status = Current Date/Time minus the Order Date/Time

  • Order age for Shipped status = Current Date/Time minus the Order Date/Time

ShipStation Legacy: Calculate Age Order

For ShipStation Legacy, ShipStation calculates the order age differently depending on the status of the order.

If your orders are in Awaiting Shipment, then the order age is the difference between the Paid Date & Time and the Current Date & Time. For example, if the paid date is 9/16/2018 10 PM, and the current time is 9/17/2018 10 AM, then the Order Age is 12h.

  • Awaiting Shipment: Age = Current Date/Time minus the Order Paid Date/Time

Once an order is in the Shipped status, the order's age is a static value based on the difference between the Ship Date & Time and Date Paid & Time. For example, if an order imported with a paid date of 9/17/2018 10 AM and it was shipped on 9/17/2018 at 12 PM, the order age would be 2h.

  • Shipped: Age = Order Ship Date minus the Order Paid Date/Time