Does ShipStation automatically import my orders as soon as they are placed?

No. You can still set most stores to automatically import orders, but they will not import as soon as the order is placed. The Automatic Import setting will call the selling channel to request orders if a certain amount of time has passed since the store's previous update.

The Automatic Import option is located in each store's General settings tab.

Store settings page: General tab. Option to periodically update stores while you are away outlined.

This option is enabled by default for most stores and can be disabled if you do not wish for ShipStation to import orders for that store automatically.

To ensure you are always working with the most recent order information in ShipStation, click the import button Import icon, or Refresh-stores icon. Grey circular arrow symbol (clockwise), inside of a black square in your ShipStation toolbar. You can initiate an order import for all your stores at once, or any individual store you select.

At this time, automatic imports cannot be scheduled or customized.

Automatic Import Not Available for All Stores

If your Store Settings does not display the Automatic Import option, that means the option is not available for that store. Use the import button to import orders instead.