Why do I keep getting the reCAPTCHA when I log in?

We have recently implemented reCAPTCHA, as a best practice, for all ShipStation users. In most cases, you will rarely encounter the reCAPTCHA.

However, if you are prompted to pass the reCAPTCHA each time you log in (or very frequently), there are a few potential causes for this:

  • Using ad blockers in your browser

  • Using certain browser extensions to block your browser from sending information

  • Enabling the browser "Do Not Track" feature

  • Using incognito or private browsing mode

  • Using an unsupported or out-of-date browser

  • Clearing your browser cache

If you notice the reCAPTCHA appears for you frequently, check if any of the above applies. If so, you may want to disable ad blockers or extensions, quit using incognito mode for ShipStation, or change to a supported/up-to-date browser to stop the reCAPTCHA from appearing too frequently.