Why does my label say it's been redacted?

ShipStation will redact the personal information from our database for the following reasons:

  • A request is made to ShipStation to remove customer information in compliance with GDPR.

  • The order imported into ShipStation through our Amazon integrations and is over 30 days old (this practice is in compliance with Amazon's Data Protection Policy).

ShipStation will redact the following personal information from order, shipment, and customer records, as well as any associated shipping labels.

  • Customer name

  • Street Address

  • Phone Number

  • Gift Message Content

  • Usernames

  • Email Address (if not already encrypted)

When viewing an order that has redacted information, ShipStation will replace the original information with text that reads "REDACTED (GDPR)" or “REDACTED (Amazon)” based on the reason for redaction.

Order Details Recipient section with Amazon customer information redacted

Labels created for the redacted order will also have the information removed from the label image.