Create Custom Order Views

Explains how to save filters and other custom layout details in a reusable view for quick access.

Custom Views are a saved collection of filters, columns, and column sequences. Use custom views to more quickly manage your orders in ShipStation.

Create and Use a Custom View

You can now select the saved view at any time to view only the orders that match your criteria. You can have an unlimited number of saved views. They are also available to all users in your ShipStation account. 

Orders tab. Red box highlights a saved view labeled: Dropship Shop, with 10 orders.

To switch between views, simply click the view you'd like to see. The filters active in that view will appear to the right of the filter bar. 

Edit a Custom View

If you'd like to edit a custom view to change its filters, you can:

  • Add/remove a filter in the View

  • Rename or Delete the View

Adding, removing, and changing the column sequence within a view is automatically saved by ShipStation and will only affect the view you are in, so you can have custom columns and column sequence for each saved view. 

Add or Remove a Filter from a Custom View

Rename or Delete a Custom View

Pin Columns in Saved Views

This clever tool helps if you want a particular column to remain in stationary view when you scroll the grid from side to side.

  1. Click the Columns button located in the top-right corner of the grid.

    This will open the Manage Columns pop-up menu.

  2. Hover over any selected column options in the Manage Columns pop-up (ones that appear in your grid). Click  Pin Column in the Manage Columns menu to set your first column.

    GIF demonstrates how to pin & unpin columns. Result shows selected columns pinned in Orders grid.

    Currently, ShipStation allows you to pin only two columns at once. To select alternate columns, you will first need to unpin one of the first two.

    Manage Columns pop-up. Hover over a visible but non-pinned column & message reads, "Pin (will unpin Order Date)"

Create Saved Views Legacy Layout

If you are using ShipStation Legacy, the process to create a custom saved view is a little different and has some limitations not present in the new layout.

Save up to 5 Custom Views

ShipStation Legacy allows you to save up to 5 views. These views are available to all users on your account.

If you'd like the option to have unlimited custom views, try ShipStation's new layout!

To switch between views, simply click the view you'd like to see.

Any active filters will be highlighted in the filters bar. You can then adjust your sort order and column sequence as needed and this will automatically be saved in the view for your user. 

You may find you need to edit your saved filter criteria. You can do so without affecting the saved view by doing the following:

Edit a Saved Filter

To delete filter, click Delete in the Automation > Order Filters menu.

Automation: Order Filters. Arrow points to Delete button for rule action.