Resend Notifications

How to resend both marketplace shipment notifications and customer notification emails from ShipStation.

ShipStation sends two types of notifications: 

  1. Marketplace notifications are the notifications sent to your selling channel to let the selling channel know the order has been shipped. 

  2. Customer notifications are the emails sent to your customers to let them know their order has shipped.

ShipStation sends these notifications according to the notification options in your Store Settings. Should you ever need to resend either of these notifications or if they fail when initially sent, use one of the methods listed below to resend them. This will ensure both your selling channel and customer are notified correctly. 

You can resend notifications from the Shipments grid, the Order Details screen, or Shipment Details screen.

Resend from the Shipments Grid

ShipStation will then resend the marketplace notification for the selected shipments.

To resend shipment notifications to your customer, follow the first two steps above, then click Send Notifications.


Resend from Shipment Details

ShipStation will then resend both the marketplace notification and confirmation email for the shipment.

Resend from the Order Details Screen

ShipStation will then resend both the marketplace notification and confirmation email.

Resend Notifications Legacy

If you are using ShipStation Legacy, follow the below instructions to resend notifications.

Resend Marketplace Notifications

ShipStation will automatically send a notification to your connected selling channel. If this notification does not update your marketplace, you can manually resend it on a per order basis using the steps below:

At this time, the Notify Marketplace(s) button will only be available when a single shipment is selected in the grid. Bulk resending of notifications is not available.

Resending a Failed Notification

If your notification status indicates the marketplace notification failed, follow these steps to try to resend the notification: 

Amazon Marketplace Request Throttled

Amazon limits the number of notifications it will allow for an account per hour. If Amazon throttles your notifications, ShipStation will automatically retry periodically to get the notifications through.

To avoid this, create labels in Batches to reduce the chance of throttling, as ShipStation will send a single notification for all shipments in a batch, instead of a notification for each shipment.

Or, try ShipStation's new layout, which now has the ability to resend marketplace notifications in bulk. Contact ShipStation Support if you are unsure how to make the switch to ShipStation's new layout.

Resend Confirmation Emails

For most marketplaces, ShipStation can resend the confirmation email to your customer.

If a customer did not receive their email notification or if you see a failed notification icon in the Shipment grid, you can resend the confirmation email using the following steps:

ShipStation will then resend the notification email to the email address on the order using the email confirmation template assigned to that order.