Batch Orders with a Barcode Scan

Explains ShipStation's Scan to Batch feature and how to use it.

The Scan to Batch feature allows you to scan the Scan to View barcode to quickly add additional orders to a batch. This feature is available when viewing an open label batch in ShipStation.

  1. Create a New Batch or Open an Existing Batch

  2. Click the Scan to Batch button.

    Screen recording of cursor clicking the Scan to Batch button.
  3. Scan the Scan to View barcode on your packing slips to add it to the batch.

    Each scan will add the order to the batch and allow you to immediately scan the next barcode without any additional steps.

Scan to Batch - Legacy Layout

Alternative Method for Scan to Batch

The Other Actions > Barcode Search action also provides the ability to add orders to a batch (either a new batch or existing batch). This method can use the Scan to View barcode as well as Order # barcodes. Choose the option that best fits your workflow needs!