Set User Permissions and Restrictions

How to enable role-based permissions for users and how to restrict user actions and login locations.

ShipStation offers various permissions and restrictions for each user on your account. This capability helps you to limit access to certain information or actions within ShipStation.

For example, you could:

  • Set up a dropship-style user with a restriction to only view orders assigned to them and shipments created by them.

  • Restrict the ability to view and modify billing information.

  • Ensure only certain users can add or remove shipping carriers.

  • Ensure only certain users can purchase postage.

  • Ensure only certain users can export reports.

  • And much more...

Admin Users Cannot Modify Their Own Permissions

If you are logged in as an Administrator user, you do not have the ability to edit Permissions or Restrictions on your own account. This is to ensure that the Admin user can perform all functions within ShipStation and does not accidentally remove crucial functions, such as updating billing methods or purchasing labels.

Customise User Permissions & Restrictions

Changes to a user's permissions or restrictions take effect the next time they log in to ShipStation. Those users may gain or lose access to some tabs or buttons, so be sure to alert them!

Workstation Approval

Workstation Approval is a security feature that allows you to restrict access to ShipStation to one or more specific workstations for a particular user. A common use of this feature would be to restrict a user's ability to access ShipStation from any location outside of your corporate environment.

After enabling Workstation Approval for a user, they will not be able to login to ShipStation until an administrator has logged in and authorized the account.


Admin approval must be performed on the same computer and same browser that the user will use to access ShipStation.

Approval for a user will expire after a period of one year but can be unapproved by viewing the user's My Profile page in their Account Settings.

Approve/Disapprove a Workstation for a User

Explanation of Permissions and Restrictions




Account Management

Gives a user the ability to edit account subscription level, add-ons, and billing information


Gives a user access to all ShipStation functionality (If unchecked, you can then give specific access to features by checking other individual items in this list.)


Gives a user the ability to add, remove, and manage stores, warehouses, shipping provider accounts, email templates, and other general settings

Customer Management

Gives a user the ability to view and add customer information (in the customer tab)

Inventory Management (for ShipStation internal inventory option only)

Gives a user the ability to add, move, and remove inventory, and set up allocation strategies

Order Management

Gives a user the ability to view orders and shipments, modify order information, and modify tags (necessary for shipping orders)

Product Management

Gives a user the ability to modify product information, defaults, and tags


Gives a user the ability to purchase additional postage or insurance (for USPS postage providers and Shipsurance).


Gives a user the ability to view, execute, and export reports


Gives a user the ability to create outgoing and return labels, void labels, and create manifests (necessary for shipping orders)




Restrict this user to only see orders assigned to them

Assign orders to specific usernames, either manually or using automation rules. This restricts the user's viewing and modification ability to their assigned orders only.

Restrict this user to only see shipments assigned to them

Assign shipments to specific users, either manually or using automation rules. This restricts the users to only view and modify assigned shipments only.

Restrict this user to only see Inventory data

Enabling this option disables the Allocate, Allocate By, and Deallocate buttons for the user. The user can view inventory data, but cannot modify it.

Require this user to view the rate details screen and any warnings when shipping orders. Block QuickShip.

Prevents the user from using the Quickship option, therefore requiring that user to view the cost summary screen and any related alerts before creating labels. Learn more in Block a Specific User from Quickship.

Require workstation approval for this user

Limits the user’s ability to log into ShipStation at only approved workstations.