Other Barcode Uses

Explains the Barcode Scan Action Report and the Barcode Scan Action Quick Reference Sheet in ShipStation.

Barcodes can also be used to perform other actions in ShipStation. These actions can include actions like getting a rate, pulling a weight from a connected scale, navigating to a new part of the interface, and printing documents. Most hotkey functions can also be printed as barcodes if you'd like to eliminate the keyboard and use your barcode scanner exclusively.

In ShipStation, you can print these reference sheets from the Insights > Reports screen. You can even create your own custom Quick Reference sheet for frequently used actions. Read on for details.  

Currently Available Only in Legacy Layout

The Scan Action reports detailed in this article are currently only available when using ShipStation's Legacy layout. We are working to add more barcode scanning functionality to ShipStation's new layout as soon as possible!

Barcode Scan Action Report

Barcodes can be used in place of hotkeys for certain actions within ShipStation. These actions include (but are not limited to):

  • Read weight from scale

  • Show Rate Calculator

  • Create new order

  • Get Rate

  • Create Label

  • Create new batch

  • Toggle Quickship

  • Enable Barcode Listening screen

  • Print Packing Slip

  • Go to Account Settings

  • Go to Shipment > Batches


If you use certain barcode actions frequently, use the Barcode Scan Action Quick Action Reference Sheet to add them to a single sheet, in whichever order you prefer (see below section).

Barcode Listening

Barcode Scan Action Quick Reference Sheet

This report lets you set up and print a PDF of up to ten specific barcodes of your choice.

For instance, you may want to have a combination of navigational and shipping barcodes, or a sheet of your shipping presets with a create-label action barcode.

Barcode Listening