ShipStation Connect

Explains Connect's features, how to install, launch, configure settings, and set up for use with multiple accounts.

ShipStation Connect is a downloaded application that passes print jobs from your ShipStation account to your printer hardware. Think of it as the bridge between the ShipStation database and your printer workstations. 

You are not required to use ShipStation Connect to print your documents from ShipStation, but it does make your printing process more efficient and versatile.

With ShipStation Connect, you can:

  • Use fewer clicks to print labels and other documents.

  • Print documents (labels, packing slips, etc) from any computer on any network to the printer workstation with ShipStation Connect installed. 

  • Print documents remotely using ShipStation Mobile.

  • Share printers and scales with all users on your ShipStation account.

  • Disable printers you do not wish to appear for users on your account.

  • Manage printer workstation and device names separately from your OS device preferences so devices have custom names within ShipStation.

  • Pull shipment weights from USB scales with a single mouse click or barcode scan.

  • Assign a default printer for each document type so ShipStation automatically prints the document to the assigned printer and skips the printer selection process. 

  • Track the print status of packing slips and labels per shipment using Smart Document Tracking.

To use ShipStation Connect, install it on your printer workstation(s) and then register it using your ShipStation username and password. 

Once registered, you then manage your device settings in your ShipStation account settings. Follow the procedures below to install and use ShipStation Connect on your printer workstation. 

Unsupported Printers With ShipStation Connect

Certain printers and configurations are not currently supported when printing via ShipStation Connect.

ShipStation Support cannot troubleshoot issues that occur when using these printers with ShipStation Connect:

  • Wireless and network printers. Printers should be connected to the printer workstation(s) via USB, though some wireless or network printers may work.

  • Rollo label printers.

These limitations are specific to printing with ShipStation Connect. You may still use the PDF or View in Browser method to print documents to these printers from your ShipStation account. The label layout, printer preferences, and document options still apply regardless of your print method.

Getting Started With ShipStation Connect Demo Video

This video demonstrates how to install ShipStation Connect for both Windows and MacOS, activate it for your account, and print a document from ShipStation through the ShipStation Connect app.


Click the chapter markers in the video if you wish to jump ahead to another section.

Install ShipStation Connect

You can install ShipStation Connect on either a MacOS or Windows workstation.

Operating System Requirements

ShipStation Connect is supported on the following operating systems:

  • Windows 10 or later. Make sure any available updates for your version of Windows have also been installed.

  • MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) or later.

ShipStation Connect may work on earlier versions of these operating systems. However, earlier versions are not supported and are not recommended.

ShipStation users who installed ShipStation Connect prior to March 15, 2022 and who are running MacOS 12.1 (Monterey) should contact ShipStation support for assistance with ensuring they are running the latest version of ShipStation Connect.


Install ShipStation Connect only on your Printer Workstation(s). Any computer that does not have a printer connected, even if you use it for ShipStation, does not need to have ShipStation Connect installed.

Launch ShipStation Connect

For Windows users: ShipStation Connect should automatically launch once the installer has completed.

For Mac users: Open ShipStation Connect from your Applications folder.

  1. Click Yes when prompted to launch ShipStation Connect automatically when logging in to your computer.

    MacOS Automatically Start pop-up message.

    We highly recommend allowing ShipStation Connect to automatically start when you login to your workstation. If you click No in this screen, you will need to launch ShipStation Connect manually when you wish to print labels from ShipStation using the ShipStation Connect method.

  2. Enter the ShipStation username and password you use as the ShipStation admin when prompted for a username and password.

    Register ShipStation Connect menu.

    If you have multiple admin users, choose the username you want to use to administer ShipStation Connect settings in the future.

    When you are logged into ShipStation with this username, you will have access to rename, disable, and share printers with other users, even if you are logged into ShipStation on a computer that is not the printer workstation. 

  3. Click Register This Computer.

  4. Click Go to ShipStation to get back to ShipStation

    ShipStation Connect Deactivate screen.

    This will automatically close the ShipStation Connect window, but the app will still be running in the background.

ShipStation Connect is now ready to start sending print jobs to your printer(s)!

ShipStation Connect Settings

The ShipStation Connect settings allow you to name your workstations and devices, disable access to printers you do not want to use with ShipStation, and share printers with other users on your ShipStation account. 

If you are logged into ShipStation with the same username and password used to register ShipStation Connect, you will see a list of available workstations and printers you can then modify. 

ShipStation Connect settings page. Shows Available printers, scales, & which are Disabled or Shared

Workstation and Printer List

If you do not see a list with your workstation or active printers, check the following: 

  • Confirm ShipStation Connect is running. 

    On a Mac, the ShipStation Connect icon ShipStation icon for Mac O S. Black "gear" symbol in Grey square. will be in the top right menu bar of your screen. In Windows, the ShipStation Connect icon ShipStation icon for Windows O S. Green "gear" symbol in white square. will be in your System Tray in the bottom right toolbar.

  • Confirm you are logged into ShipStation with the same username used to register ShipStation Connect.

Name Workstations & Devices

The display names set here will be what all ShipStation users see when they select a workstation and a printer during the print process. 

Disable Connect Devices

If you set a printer to Disabled, that printer cannot be used to print any documents for any user. Disabled printers also cannot be selected as default printers for any document type. 

If you set a scale to Disabled, ShipStation cannot access that scale to weigh shipments.

Share Connect Devices

If you have multiple users configured in your ShipStation account, make sure they have access to the proper printers for the documents they need to print.

When a printer is set to Shared, that printer is then visible and available to other users on your ShipStation account, no matter where they are or what workstation they are logged into. 

When a scale is set to Shared, that scale is then available to all users so they can pull weights into ShipStation for the shipments they are working on. 

Deactivating or Uninstalling ShipStation Connect

After deactivating or reactivating ShipStation Connect on your printer workstation(s), be sure to review the Shared and Disabled options in your ShipStation Connect settings to ensure that the settings are correct.

Uninstalling and reinstalling ShipStation Connect will reset all settings to their default state. Be sure to review the Shared and Disabled options and to check the device names in your ShipStation Connect settings to ensure that the settings and device names are correct.

Use ShipStation Connect with Multiple Accounts

If you have multiple ShipStation accounts, ShipStation allows you to use a single instance of ShipStation Connect on your printer workstation no matter which account you print from.

Troubleshooting: Accounts on Different Server Environments

If you log into one ShipStation account and do not see the list of workstations and printers in Settings > Printing > ShipStation Connect after following the steps above, the accounts are likely hosted on different server environments.

Follow the steps below to correct this:

You should now see the workstations and printers under Settings > Printing > ShipStation Connect for both ShipStation accounts.

The printer workstation is the computer your printers are physically attached to via USB. ShipStation Connect must be installed and running on the printer workstation (but not on non-printer workstations) in order to print documents via ShipStation Connect.