Troubleshoot Marketplace Notification Issues

Steps to try if a selling channel does not appear to be receiving shipment notifications from ShipStation.

If shipment updates are not reaching your selling channel, follow the steps below:

  1. Check the Notification Status on the Shipments tab

    The Marketplace Notified column on the Shipments tab will show whether the marketplace notification has been sent yet, was sent and delivered successfully, or was sent and returned an error message. Hover over the icon in this column for a more detailed notification status message or to see the full error message text.

    V3 Marketplace Notified column icons. Includes Notified & Failed
    • You can attempt to resend the shipment notification from this tab by selecting the shipment and clicking Other Actions then Send Notifications.

    • If notifications have not been sent yet, check the Delayed Notifications settings in the store to see if those would be delaying the shipment notification process. You can also force the shipment notifications to be sent by selecting the shipment and clicking Other Actions then Send Notifications.


    Some notification errors are selling channel specific and can indicate exactly what went wrong with the notification. Check our Integrations Help Guide for the Troubleshooting section specific to your selling channel for more help.

  2. Ensure the Do not notify marketplace option is not enabled for the shipment.

    This setting, found in the Other Shipping Options for the order, will prevent ShipStation from updating the selling channel, even if you try to resend them. You must disable this setting in order for ShipStation to notify the selling channel.

    ShipStation V3 Setting

    V3 shipping sidebar with the Other Shipping Options, Do not notify marketplace option highlighted.
  3. Review Support Resources

    • The Common Store Errors page contains a list of common errors you may see when trying to notify a selling channel of a shipment.

    • The Integrations Help Guide includes a page for each of our store or marketplace integrations, including troubleshooting steps for common notifications issues. We also include partner specific troubleshooting tips and links to partner resources that can address notification related issues.

  4. Contact the ShipStation User Success team

    If the above advice does not help you answer why the order is not updating on your store or marketplace, contact the ShipStation's User Success team and we'll be happy to review the error and discuss possible solutions. Since this may require access to your store or marketplace, we may need you to share your screen with us. Review the Contacting ShipStation Support article for additional information.