Combine Products

How to combine product records for identical products.

Combine multiple products records into a single record in ShipStation to help you track your product and ensure accurate reporting.

You can combine products in three ways.

The process for both options is the same, only the selection you make in step 3 differs.

How to Combine Products

If you selected the option to create aliases, the surviving record will remain in the Products grid and all the non-surviving records will be deactivated. Previous order history for the non-surviving products will now appear on the surviving record. Additionally, you can view the aliases for the non-surviving product(s) in the Store Aliases tab of the surviving product details.

Cannot Combine Inactive Products

ShipStation will not let you combine inactive products. Should you try to combine an inactive product with active products, you will see this pop-up:

Popup message: Inactive Products Selected. Reads, "One or more products are inactive and may not be combined."

There are two ways to resolve this:

  • Deselect the inactive product then proceed with your combine action, or

  • Make the inactive product active and retry the combine action.

To find the inactive product, set the Active column to display in the Products grid, and check the Show Inactive Products box in the Products grid. Active products show a green check mark in the Active column and inactive products will not.