Branded Tracking Page

Explains the Branded Tracking Page feature (w/video demo), how to enable it on your customised content, and other need-to-know details.

The ShipStation Branded Tracking Page allows your customers to see their shipment tracking updates on a page you customise with your store branding details, like store logo, colors, social media links, and more!

Side-by-side laptop and mobile phone screens displaying the Branded Tracking Page landing page.

When you’ve enabled the Branded Tracking Page for a store in ShipStation, the tracking link in the ShipStation shipment confirmation email will direct your customer to your branded tracking page instead of the carrier’s tracking page. Your customer can see all the tracking details as well as the details of what is included in the shipment. It’s also an opportunity for your customers to visit your social media links, go to your store for more shopping, access your contact details, and review your return policy.


Not Supported by All Carriers

Branded Tracking requires the shipment's carrier to provide automatic tracking updates to ShipStation. Most carriers do provide auto-tracking, but a few do not. If you create a label with a carrier that does not support auto-tracking, ShipStation will automatically include the carrier's tracking page link in the shipment confirmation email instead of the Branded Tracking Page.

Review the Branded Tracking Page Requirements to see if your carriers support Branded Tracking.

Branded Tracking Page Requirements

To use the Branded Tracking Page in ShipStation, you must:

  • Enable Branded Tracking for the store in ShipStation

  • Add your company branding details to the store and set your customisation options

  • Send your customers a shipment confirmation email from ShipStation (the email template must include the [Tracking #] field replacement)

  • Ship your parcels with a supported carrier (see list below)

    If you do not use a supported carrier, the tracking link will continue to direct your customers to the carrier's tracking page.

Branded Tracking Supported Carriers

When you ship an order with a service from a supported carrier, ShipStation will include a link to the Branded Tracking page in your customer confirmation email. For shipments with unsupported carriers, ShipStation instead includes a link to the carrier's tracking page in your customer confirmation email.

The following carriers support the Branded Tracking Page:

  • Aramex

  • Australia Post eParcel

  • Australia Post MyPost Business

  • CourierPost

  • Couriers Please

  • Sendle

  • UPS

  • FedEx

  • DHL Express

Enable the Branded Tracking Page

Once the Branded Tracking Page is enabled, the tracking link provided in shipment notification emails will direct your customers to the Branded Tracking Page instead of to the carrier's tracking page.

Repeat this procedure for each store that will be using the Branded Tracking Page instead of the Carrier Tracking Page.

Branded Tracking for New Shipments Only

Branded tracking will only work for shipment labels created after you enable Branded Tracking. Any labels created prior will continue to go to the carrier page.

Customise Your Branded Tracking Page

To customise your store’s Branded Tracking Page:

  1. Enter your General Settings: Company Name, Phone, Email, Store Logo, Website, Social Links.

    The Branding tab in store settings with a store logo uploaded.

    General Settings for Branding

    The General Settings are also used to add branding to your notification emails, packing slips, and Branded Return Page. Any information you do not want displayed on your Branded Tracking Page can be disabled in the Custom Settings.

  2. Click Override default Branded Customer Pages settings under the Custom Settings section.

    Store Setup: Branded Pages Custom Settings. Red box highlights option to Override default Branded Customer Pages settings
  3. Enable or disable any custom settings you prefer (see list below for details about each).

  4. Click Preview to view your page and save your changes when satisfied.

    Branding tab of Store Setup with arrow pointing to the Preview Link button

Notes About Branded Tracking

  • Branded tracking works with both domestic and international shipments as long as a supported carrier and service is used for the shipment.

  • The Destination field on the Branded Tracking page may sometimes include the destination’s two-digit country code. ShipStation automatically includes this code for you with international shipments.

  • Your customer accesses the Branded Tracking page from the link in their shipment confirmation email. If your selling channel does not allow confirmation emails (like Amazon), your customer will not be able to access the page.

  • You must use a supported carrier for the notification email to include the link to the branded tracking page. If you use an unsupported carrier, the email will automatically link to the carrier's tracking page instead.

  • Orders that are marked as shipped in ShipStation cannot use the Branded Tracking Page. The tracking link in the notification email will direct to the carrier’s tracking page.

  • The tracking number link in the Shipments tab will link to the carrier's tracking page, not the Branded Tracking Page.

    Shipping grid with examples in Tracking # column highlighted.