Quickstart Print a Label

Explains how to print a label once you have created it in ShipStation. Includes links to printer setup resources.

ShipStation University Intro to ShipStation Course

If learning by doing is more your style, take the ShipStation University Intro to ShipStation course. The lesson videos will show you how to navigate ShipStation, connect stores and carrier accounts, import orders, configure your shipments, and create your labels!

Now that you've created a label, it's time to print it!

When you click the Create + Print Label button, the ShipStation's print window will appear.


Printer Setup

If you have not set up a printer on your workstation, you must complete that process before you will be able to print your labels. 

Review the Printer Setup (Mac) or Printer Setup (Windows) articles for detailed setup instructions.

To print directly from ShipStation to your printer workstation, you'll need to first install ShipStation Connect. If you instead want to use your browser print feature or download the label to print through a PDF viewer, skip the install ShipStation Connect step for now. 

Install ShipStation Connect

You can install ShipStation Connect on either a MacOS or Windows workstation.

Operating System Requirements

  • Windows 10 or later. Additionally, make sure you have installed any available updates for your version of Windows.

  • MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) or later.

ShipStation Connect may work on earlier versions of these operating systems. However, earlier versions are not supported and are not recommended.


Install ShipStation Connect only on your Printer Workstation(s). Any computer that does not have a printer connected, even if you use it for ShipStation, does not need to have ShipStation Connect installed.

Install ShipStation Connect - Mac

  1. Click Install ShipStation Connect for Mac to download the installer. 

    The download can take a few minutes depending on your internet speed.

  2. Open the downloaded file and drag the ShipStation Connect icon into the Applications folder.

Once complete, eject the ShipStation Connect Install disk image and move the downloaded installer to the trash.

Install ShipStation Connect - Windows

  1. Click Install ShipStation Connect for Windows.

  2. Click Install in the Application Install window that appears. 

    This will begin the download, which can take a few minutes depending on your internet speed.

Once successfully installed, you may delete the downloaded installer .exe file.

Print or Download

The label you just created should be open in the Print Label pop-up screen. From this screen, you have 3 options: Print from Browser, Print through ShipStation Connect and Download.

Print window with sample label, Print and download options highlighted.

Print From Browser

Click the printer icon to open your browser's print screen and print your label PDF (or any other document from ShipStation).

GIF shows selecting an order, creating a label, and choosing browser print option in printer pop up screen

Keep in mind that this print option will bypass ShipStation's Smart Document Tracking, so ShipStation will not mark the label as Printed, as with the Print and Download options described below.

Smart Document Tracking

Print via ShipStation Connect

The Print through ShipStation Connect option uses ShipStation Connect to send your label directly to your printer. This is the quickest, most efficient way to print in ShipStation.

To use this option, select your printer from the drop-down menu, then click Print through ShipStation Connect


To make this option even faster, set a default printer for each document type in ShipStation's Settings.

Download Label

The Download option allows you to download your label PDFs and print them later through a PDF viewer, like Acrobat or Preview.

In the Print Pop-up screen, click Download to download the label. 


The label will download to your default downloads folder. You can then print using your preferred PDF viewer at any time.

When using the Print through ShipStation Connect or Download option, ShipStation will mark the label as printed in ShipStation's Smart Document Tracking.

Reprinting a Label

If you want to print a label you previously created:

Select the shipment in the Shipment grid, or open the Order Details screen. Then, click the Print drop-down and choose Label (you can use this process to reprint previously created and printed labels at any time).

There is no charge for reprinting a previously created label.

Smart Document Tracking

Getting Started With ShipStation Connect Demo Video

This video demonstrates how to install ShipStation Connect for both Windows and MacOS, activate it for your account, and print a document from ShipStation through the ShipStation Connect app.


Click the chapter markers in the video if you wish to jump ahead to another section.

Smart Document Tracking