Mobile: View Returns

How to view returns in ShipStation Mobile, and a list of actions you can take from Return Details.

The Returns menu from the left sidebar will bring up a list view of returns. Tap on a Return to view the Return Details.

Mobile Return Details screen

You can take the following actions from the Return Details:

  • Mark Return as Received

  • Resend the Return Label

  • Void the Return Label

  • View or Copy Tracking information

  • Reprint the Return Label

  • Reprint Packing Slip

Return labels will be designated by an outgoing arrow iOS_OutgoingArrow.png in the Order Details. The original outbound label will be designated by an incoming arrow iOS_IncomingArrow.png.



ShipStation Mobile is not able to perform all tasks available for returns. To learn more about handling returns, review our Return Labels article.