Mobile: Create and Print Labels

How to create and print labels in ShipStation’s mobile app using your preferred printing option, as set in the web app.

ShipStation Mobile provides the ability to print labels from virtually anywhere. Before getting started with printing labels, you will need to make sure you've set up your preferred print method.


The available options will depend on what you have set up within the web app and turned on in the mobile app Settings.

  • ShipStation Connect - use printers connected to ShipStation Connect to print labels.

  • Send via Email - send a PDF version of the label to a specified email address using your device's default email service.

  • Preview (Download) - view a downloadable PDF version of the label to save to your device.

  1. Tap an Order from the Order List to open the mobile Order Details.

  2. Tap Create Label and fill out the details necessary to get a rate.

    Mobile Order Details screen with Create Label button highlighted
  3. Tap Ship Order after you get a rate.

    This will open the Label Printing menu.

    Mobile Print Label Option menu
  4. Tap your preferred printing option: Preview (Download), ShipStation Connect, Send Via Email.

    To print to your ShipStation Connect enabled workstation, choose ShipStation Connect. You'll then see a list of your available printers.

    Mobile ShipStation Connect printer list
  5. Tap the printer you wish to use from this list.

    If no printers appear in the list, check the ShipStation Connect settings in the web app.