Mark Returned Shipments as Received

By default, the Automatically mark returns as "Received" if tracked option is checked in Settings > Shipping > Returns. That way, if the return uses a service that supports auto-tracking, ShipStation will update the shipment as Received as soon as we receive the tracking notification from the carrier.


If this option is not checked, or the return service does not support auto-tracking, you can manually mark the shipment as Received in ShipStation so you can keep track of outstanding returns. 

You can mark returns as received from the following locations:

The Return Details screen:

V3 Return Detail with arrow pointed to Other Actions menu with Mark as Received selected.

Open the Return Details screen, click Other Actions and choose Mark As Received.

The Returns widget:

V3 Order details widget with arrow pointing to menu and Mark as Received selected.

Open the Order Details screen, click the action menu for the return, and choose Mark As Received.

The Shipping > Returns screen:

V3 Shipping Returns grid with Mark as Received button highlighted.

Go to the Shipping > Returns screen, select the return, and click the Mark As Received button.

Once you click Mark As Received, choose the date from the pop-up calendar and then click Mark As Received one more time.