Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager

Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager (formerly 3PL Central) helps merchants who fulfill ecommerce, direct-to-consumer, or any omni-channel orders. You can automate your rate shopping, order routing, inventory replenishment, and purchase orders with Extensiv’s technology that helps your business scale efficiently. They can also help you connect with premier fulfillment partners and other 3PLs suited to meet your specific needs.

Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager Integration Requirements

Connection Requirements:

  • An active account with Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager.

  • An API key in ShipStation

    See our ShipStation API article to learn how to generate ShipStation API keys.

  • The full name of the customer in your database that you are connecting to ShipStation

Connect an Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager Account to ShipStation

To connect your Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager account to ShipStation:

  • Send a request to your 3PL. The 3PL will respond to Extensiv via a survey.

    Include the following in the request:

    • The full name of the customer in your database that is to connect to ShipStation.

    • The full set of private ShipStation API keys.

      Please don’t hesitate to use a tool like SendInc to securely send this data to our Support Team.

Once these have been provided to Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager, our API team will begin the setup process. These requests are typically completed 24-48 hours after receiving all the necessary information. We’ll reach out to confirm that the setup is complete and will wait to turn on inventory sync unless otherwise stated.