Reconfigure Your Etsy Store

A common method for resolving Etsy import issues is to reconfigure the Etsy store. This process reconnects your Etsy account to ShipStation to restore import functionality.

Before starting the process of reconfiguring your Etsy store, ensure you are using the correct Etsy Username.

Your Etsy Username is different from your Etsy login.

Locate your Etsy Username

  1. Perform a People Search on Etsy for your username.

    Use Shop Search

    If you are unable to locate your profile by doing a People Search, you can also try doing a Shops Search and search for the name of your shop.

  2. Click your name in the search results to pull up your Etsy profile.

  3. Your Etsy username will be visible at the end of the profile URL, after the backslash.

    Image: Etsy website with arrow pointing to username in the URL.

Now that you have the correct Etsy username, you can reconfigure the store.

Connected to multiple Etsy stores?

If you're reconfiguring multiple Etsy stores to ShipStation, we recommend you log out of any active Etsy sessions before reconnecting the accounts.

To reconfigure your Etsy Store you will:

  1. Edit your Marketplace Connection in ShipStation’s store Settings.

  2. Re-enter your connection details for the store.

  3. Grant ShipStation access to your Etsy store.

  4. Refresh the store.

Reconnect Your Etsy Store

For detailed steps to reconfigure your store, see below:

  1. Enter your Etsy Username, then click Find My Shops. This field is case sensitive.

    Connect your Etsy Store form with Etsy Username highlighted.
  2. Select the store you want to connect from the Available Shops drop-down.

    Image: Connect your Etsy Store popup with Available Shops drop-down highlighted.
  3. Click Connect.

    At this point, you'll be redirected to Etsy to confirm access for ShipStation. If you're not already logged in to Etsy, you'll be prompted to log in.

  4. Click Allow Access on the next page to grant ShipStation access to your Etsy store.

    Image: Etsy's Confirm Access popup. Allow Access button highlighted.
  5. Click the Import icon Import icon, or Refresh-stores icon. Grey circular arrow symbol (clockwise), inside of a black square in ShipStation to attempt an order import.

    If the import was successful, you will see a green check next to a successful update message and the orders will appear in your Orders grid.