Shipping Label Examples

See example labels in the sections below from the most popular carriers among Australia-based merchants.

Australia Post Labels

ShipStation integrates with both Australia Post eParcel and Australia Post MyPost Business.

Australia Post eParcel and MyPost Business labels may vary in appearance depending on the selected shipping service.

For example, here is a comparison of labels for eParcel and MyPost Business Parcel Post services:

Australia Post eParcel


Australia Post MyPost Business


Here is a comparison of labels for eParcel and MyPost Business Express Post services:

Australia Post eParcel


Australia Post MyPost Business


If you ship internationally with Australia Post eParcel or MyPost Business, the customs forms will print on the label, as seen in the examples below. You don't need to print additional forms.

The form type, such as CN22 or CN23, is automatically determined by Australia Post.

Australia Post eParcel


Australia Post MyPost Business


Manifesting Required for Australia Post eParcel

Australia Post requires an End of Day manifest for all eParcel shipments.

Failure to manifest will result in a surcharge added to your monthly invoice for all non-manifested shipments.

See our Create Manifests guide for details on creating an End of Day manifest in ShipStation.

Sendle Labels

Both Sendle and Sendle from ShipStation support the creation of domestic and international shipping labels.

When you ship internationally with Sendle, the customs forms will print on the label, as seen in the example below. You don't need to print additional forms.

Sendle Domestic Label


Sendle International Label


DHL Express Labels

DHL Express international labels include Ship From and Ship To addresses, tracking details, optional label messages, and customs information.

DHL Express requires a Company Name in both the Ship To and Ship From address fields. If no Company Name is available, ShipStation will reuse the Name field.

If you add more than one label message to an order, ShipStation will combine all three label messages onto the Ref field on the shipping label.


DHL Express Waybill

Along with the shipping label, ShipStation will also generate a DHL waybill. This document, also known as a bill of lading, contains information about an international shipment for customs officials, including the Ship From and Ship To addresses and the package contents. In the example below, Contents: shoes can be seen next to the barcode.

Attach the waybill on the outside of your package next to your shipping label for viewing by the carrier and customs officials.


DHL Express Customs Forms

ShipStation will automatically attempt to submit customs information electronically through the DHL Express Paperless Trade service (PLT). This service is only available for certain countries supported by DHL Express.

When customs information has been electronically submitted to DHL Express, the term Paperless Trade or PLT will appear on the label.

DHL Express label highlighting Paperless Trade designation under the Features/Services section
DHL Express Label highlighting "C-PLT" designation for Customs Paperless Trade submission

PLT Not Supported for All Countries

If ShipStation is unable to electronically submit customs information through the Paperless Trade service, you must print any necessary customs forms with your shipping label.